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100 Years of Wrinkles at Ballyliffin

Another day, another wonderful links for the Fairways To Heaven clients, this time at Ballyliffin Golf Club. Dating to 1920, Tom Doak calls the fairways here some of the most wrinkled he's ever seen. Well wrinkles just show where the smiles have been, so Doak was definitely tuned in to the magic here. In A Course Called Ireland, Tom Coyne wrote that he "hated to leave". Rory McIlroy calls both the Old and the Glashedy Links at Ballyliffin "must play championship links". With these endorsements in mind, golfers who make the journey to the very top of Ireland are guaranteed lasting smiles and welcome wrinkles! So it's only fitting to capture those memories and those happy grins, and ensure every detail can be recalled.

We always enjoy great pictures of scenery and golf shots, but often the most memorable photos are of people smiling, enjoying each other's company, and just having fun. The opportunity to shoot this beautiful links was fantastic on its own, but being able to document some of the instruction the guys received from Tour Techniques / Randy Joyner Golf allowed our photographer to capture another level of the experience for the clients. Kudos to the clients also, who enjoyed interacting with the photographers and made this epic experience even more memorable!

From the photos, it's easy to see a lot of faces smiling (and maybe a few wrinkles), but if you look very carefully you just might be able to see their souls smiling as well.


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