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Kapalua Dreamin' (on such a windy day)

Like many industries, tourism has taken a very big hit over the last year and a half during the pandemic. Travelling to a different country in most cases (and sometimes even states or provinces within countries) wasn't possible for any reason, let alone to play golf. Thankfully, things have started to turn around and many borders are opening up to visitors again. This is great news for the golf tourism industry and golf enthusiasts alike. So as the co-founder of Epic Golf Memories and an avid golfer, this has been really, really great news!

Knowing this, you may think I have rounds under my belt at prestigious courses all over the world. However, that's just not the case. Don't get me wrong - I play a lot of golf, but I don't get to travel to play bucket list courses very often. In fact, I don't need two hands to count the ones I've had the fortune to enjoy: Pebble Beach, Cabo del Sol and also Bethpage Black, but that's only because it's 30 minutes from my house. Last year, I was supposed to go with EGM co-founder Robert Payne to Cabot Links/Cliffs in Nova Scotia. That would have upped my lowly stat, but unfortunately Covid-19 put the kibosh on that tantalizing prospect.

But this year, when my wife told me that we were going to Maui, I knew immediately that I'd be crossing the Kapalua Plantation course off my bucket list and carving a 4th notch onto my putter. Even better, I got to play it with Nick (light blue polo), a very good friend of mine from California. I also knew that I absolutely had to have a photographer document our round. Luckily, I knew a guy who could set us up with one ;)

What an incredible day! Kapalua Plantation Course: CHECK! It may not look like it from the photos, but the wind was a huge factor, and I often found myself clubbing up more than 2 clubs when firing off into the wind! But I love a challenge, and that just added to the fun. Just watch this video of us teeing off into this ridiculously strong headwind!

Afterwards, Nick and I recalled our experience with the windy conditions at Kapalua.


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