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The Start of Something EPIC

Pebble Beach Golf Links. It's one of those amazing iconic destinations every avid golfer has on his or her bucket list.

Pebble Beach is on every golfer's bucket list

In August of 2013 the founders of Epic Golf Memories, R.J. Payne and myself, Matt Gai, plus two other friends finally checked Pebble Beach and The Links at Spanish Bay off of our golf bucket lists. It was one of those experiences that cost a small fortune, but was worth every Benjamin. The kind of trip that makes a golfer feel like a kid in a candy shop made of candy. It was nothing short of EPIC.

An Epic Day at Pebble Beach Golf Links

However, as we talked about the trip that next summer, the one thing we all agreed on was that we didn't document it well enough.

Pebble Beach - 6th hole approach shot

Pebble Beach - 8th hole approach shot

We did our best with our camera phones to get some good photos, a few videos and some selfies. However, it was tough to do as we were trying to enjoy every moment, take in the scenic vistas, absorb the history in addition to trying to concentrate on scoring well!

It was a shame that our memories at one of the greatest golf courses in the world weren't captured as well as they could have been.

We knew thousands of other golfers have parted with similar accounts at Pebble and other great golfing destinations and would have the same regrets we had.

And it occurred to us that an on-demand personal golf photography service would change all that. It was the start of something EPIC.

Now with Epic Golf Memories, anywhere in the world you are playing golf, we will arrange a talented local photographer to shadow your group as you play, to take hundreds of photos, video, and in special cases even aerial video with a drone. In the end, everything gets uploaded to a cloud folder for you to download, keep and enjoy!

You golf. We record the memories.
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