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Cheesebag 2016, Day 1

You're thinking, "What the hell is Cheesebag?"

Well, one Urban Dictionary definition has several explanations:

1. A bag which contains cheese 2. Or is it a bag MADE of cheese?? 3. A derogatory term given to a familiar person making a stupid comment, or action. 4. An affectionate term for a silly friend!

That's only partially right. If I may, here's the true modified definition:

Cheesebag is the annual 3-day golf outing, played among 12 silly friends, typically 6 from the United States and 6 from Canada, who affectionately call each other cheesebag in a derogatory way for being lucky rather than good at golf. A bag which contains cheese, or is made of cheese, may or may not be involved.

In July of 2016, the Cheesebaggers congregated once again, this time in Syracuse, NY, for the 19th annual event. On day 1, at Radisson Greens, they brought along Epic Golf Memories photographer Catherine Maroney to capture the action and the fun of this special occasion.

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