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Cheesebag 2016, Days 2 & 3

With Day 1 already in the books, the Cheesebaggers continued the competition in upstate NY, first at Northern Pines Golf Club of Cicero and then at Rogue's Roost Golf Club in Bridgeport. By the way, if you have no idea what Cheesebag is, then you haven't read Cheesebag 2016, Day 1 yet!

The group chose not to have an Epic Golf Memories photographer for these two days, so the quality and amount of photos from these days was lacking. However, a few snapshots from camera phones at least tells a partial story of the final battle between U.S.A. and Canada.

In the end it was Team Canada that pulled off the win and received the coveted trophy again. Well, you know what they say about Canadians... they cheat! Just kidding, they earned it fair and square (*cough*). In any case, at least the Americans showed more unity!

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