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They Call This a Nice Day for Golf in Ireland

What do you do when you have a tee time at Carne Golf Links and the wind is howling and the rain is bombarding the greens and fairways like little liquid bullets? If you love golf as much as I do, then nothing should stop you. Fierce weather certainly didn't keep this group in the clubhouse! Our photographer was right there with them to prove it.

I guess it's a little hard to tell from many of those photos just how windy and rainy it was, so here's a little video to give you a better idea.

But eventually the golf gods turned the weather down notch by notch. Whether this was out of pity or out of respect for soldiering on we'll never know. Soon enough the rain slowed then stopped and the wind died down just a wee bit, and the group finished up their round a little drier, and without a doubt more "seasoned"!

Just before teeing off, several of the golfers were interviewed. "They call this a nice day in Ireland!", one remarked. It may not have been ideal weather, but they enjoyed every minute of it. Watch the video below.

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