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Pebble Beach High

10 years ago, 3 high school friends from St. Anthony's in Huntington, NY, began taking bi-annual golf trips to epic golf courses, starting with Pebble Beach. Since then, they’ve gone to Pinehurst, Kohler, Copperhead, and The Broadmoor. For the 10th anniversary trip, they rounded out their foursome with another friend and reconvened where it all started at Pebble Beach Resorts.

(pictured left to right: John Fink, Mike Wilhelm, Stephen Athan and John Kelly)

An epic golf course and another epic reunion. This group wasn't taking chances with those memories, so they booked an Epic Golf Memories photographer to capture the moments of the day. A crew of high school friends, high on life, on one glorious day at the #1 public golf course in America, frozen in time.

"Our photographer was very professional. He generally kept out of site and in no way interfered with the round. On occasion, he'd ask that we pose for a picture in front of a signature hole or an impressive vista, etc. On other occasions, we'd pull him over to take a picture that we thought was fun. Other than that, he stayed out of site and took some great candids and action shots. It was money well spent as we have pictures we'd otherwise never be able to get." —Stephen Athan

"It's not about who's better - it's who's having more fun!"

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