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Epic Family Memories at The Home of Golf

If you're going to travel to Scotland on a golf trip then you have to try to get a round in at one of the most historic golf courses in the world: The Old Course at St Andrews. Officially established in 1552, the game was first played here in the early 15th century, which is why many refer to this ancient place as the "Home of Golf." For those who love the game of golf, The Old Course is without a doubt the most revered and beloved playground in the world. Demand to play is so high that you have to enter into a lottery where you might be selected two days before you would play.

(pictured left to right on Swilcan Bridge: Mike Madden, Craig Gough, Rob Madden, Bob Madden)

Well as fortune would have it, Rob Madden, his father Bob, brother Mike and their friend Craig "3-Putt" Gough were lucky enough to have their names drawn, especially on this milestone father-son-son trip they always dreamed of. And on this brisk day in October, 2016, they became a part of the rich history here, teeing it up where all the greatest names in golf have played over the centuries.

Tiger Woods once said, "I think the history behind St. Andrews is amazing. There is no other golf course in the world that can say that every great player who has ever played the game has played that golf course."

The Madden group wisely decided to bring along Epic Golf Memories to ensure that their own once-in-a-lifetime experience was well-documented with photos and video to look back on fondly. They ended up with nearly 200 photos and over 25 videos - here are a few of them.

They all gave it their best shot(s)...

But while the others weren't totally on their games, Mike was having the round of his life! Sitting at -3 after 17, he made his birdie putt on 18 to finish at a formidable 68.

"It was very cool to witness. And what a cool thing to have pictures and videos of," said Rob. Here is the moment Mike birdied 18 to clinch his lowest score ever.

Even the caddie looks impressed. Congrats Mike! An epic round at perhaps the most epic golf course in all the land.

"It was indeed epic," Rob continued, "St Andrews is one of the coolest towns in the world. We all wanted to live there for six months." #lifegoals

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