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King Me!

Less than 7 miles along the coast in a southeasterly direction from the Old Course at St Andrews is Kingsbarns Golf Links, opened in 2000. In terms of age, compared to the Old Course, Kingsbarns is just a baby. To put it in perspective, if the Old Course was a 100 year old person, Kingsbarns would be a 15 week old infant. BUT... in terms of design and raw majesty, its easily on par with its older peers and commands respect like a wise centenarian.

Golf Away Tours (Toronto) set this group up to play here, along with an Epic Golf Memories photographer, and they lucked out with this absolutely gorgeous day in the Kingdom of Fife. The photos are spectacular. But don't take our word for it, have a look for yourself!

"Kingsbarns is always lovely. There are so many golfers who I’ve spoken to all over the world who say it’s an amazing place, and it is. It’s a very clever course because it’s modern but it’s old and it looks like it has been there for a million years." —Hugh Grant

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