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A Special Day at St Andrews

"It was just a really special day."

"Awesome day, beautiful weather."

"I couldn't ask for a greater experience."

"We had a fantastic time out there. Beautiful weather. Beautiful course. Great golf."

"Home of golf. Great guys to play with. What more could you ask for?"

These are just a few of the comments from the McCarrol group after their round here at The Old Course at St Andrews.

Our friends at Golf Away Tours, a premier golf travel operator hailing from Toronto, set the group up here with one of our local EGM photographers. It's one thing to have the opportunity to play The Old Course (and it's a hell of a thing!) but being able to take those memories home with you is priceless. The photographer snapped over 400 epic golf memories with this group. Here's a sample of some of our favorites.

Let's hear about it in their own words...

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