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Pebble, Oh, Pebble.

Pebble Beach. So many things come to mind when a golfer thinks of this place. Even golfers who have never been here can describe various landmarks. The iconic par-3 7th. The thrilling, yet treacherous approach on the 8th. The 18th, arguably the greatest finishing hole in golf. The list is as long as the history of Pebble, which will turn 100 years old and host the US Open again next year. For us at Epic Golf Memories, Pebble is extra special, if that’s even possible. It was here in August, 2013 that the idea to better document and preserve the memories of bucket list rounds was born. I think of the following photo that I took with my phone of EGM co-founder Matt Gai on the 6th fairway, with his finished pose, his caddie watching the shot and the 18th and Stillwater Cove in the background...

It was my favorite picture of the weekend, and it got me thinking… but I digress.

It's always a privilege to shoot places like Pebble, and once again Golf Away Tours presented us with a great opportunity to do just that for three groups of their clients. The variety and creativity of all 3 photographers really came through in these sets, and the joy experienced by the players is really something to behold.

Yes, it’s impossible not to smile when walking the ingenious figure-8 routing and enjoying the round with your friends, but to have those moments captured and preserved? That, like Pebble itself, is simply Epic!

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